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What is Kinnow?
Kinnow is a citrus table fruit from the Mandarin family. It is commonly cultivated in North-Western region of India and Eastern region of Pakistan. It was initially developed by Dr. H.B. Frost in 1915 in California and was brought to PAU, Regional Fruit Research Station, Abohar by Dr. J.C. Bakshi in 1954.
It is very different from other table varieties of citrus available in India namely, Nagpur Orange, Khasi, Darjiling, etc. As of year 2015, Kinnow production surpassed all other varieties of citrus in India and is leading the way ahead in demands too. 
How is it different?
Kinnow is very different from Orange in the following manners:
Biologically, Kinnow is a hybrid [King (Citrus nobilis) × Willow Leaf (Citrus deliciosa)] mandarin variety, and hence the name. It is a comparitively newer citrus variety developed in California.
Visibly, the skin of Kinnow is thin and is tightly covered by the skin as compared to "loose jacket" in Oranges; also the colour is significantly dark orange compared to yellowish green that of Oranges.
Kinnow has a unique tangy taste compared to a bland sweet taste of Oranges and Kinnow also has a higher content of juice than Oranges.
Life of a Kinnow...
Kinnow is one of the most organised fruit sectors when it comes to material handling and marketing domestically. It takes about 5 years of time and hard work at farm till a plant matures and plants bear one fruiting in a year after it matures.
After taking care of the fruit for about a year, harvest is started and from there it is transported to a packhouse where it is sorted, packed and dispatched, all in a single day.




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